Toyota Motor Sales, USA

From the introduction of the Prius in 1997 to the debut of the Mirai nearly 20 years later, CEA Consulting has been part of Toyota’s external team of advisors. CEA has worked with a mix of business, legal, and technical teams to identify, assess, and develop responses to emerging regulatory proposals.

Recognizing the need to implement technology that reduces greenhouse gasses as quickly as possible, CEA works with Toyota to ensure alignment with draft regulation and to propose alternatives for implementing new technologies. For example, during the early introduction of electric vehicles, CEA helped shape and guide the strategy to convince the California Air Resources Board that more emissions reductions would be achieved by incentivizing the purchase of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles than by requiring manufacturers to build electric vehicles. More recently, CEA has supported the Toyota team to ensure California keeps its long-held policy of fuel neutrality so that hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles can compete on a level playing field.

Our work to support Toyota showcases a hallmark strategy of the Environmental Policy & Advocacy Group: we help our clients understand the true implications of a proposed policy, map scenarios, engage regulators and policy staff with whom CEA has longstanding relationships, and chart a path forward.


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