Our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles


We envision a future in which the global community rises to address our most pressing environmental challenges with bold, pragmatic, and equitable solutions leading to a thriving and climate-stable world that supports well-being for all life.


CEA bolsters its clients’ capacity to achieve their missions and maximize their impact. We help our clients better understand complex topics and support their strategic decision-making through rapid and robust analysis, expert thought partnership, knowledge exchange across diverse stakeholders, and skilled project management.

Guiding Principles

Rise to the challenge

Our clients ask hard questions about enormous challenges. Together, we approach the work with rigor, integrity, grit, and creativity. We challenge one another, our clients, and, when necessary, the prevailing sentiment of the field in pursuit of greater impact. At CEA, we work flexibly to provide the most effective support possible for our clients, and we relish their success.

Anchor in trust

Trust undergirds all that we do. It supports our individuals, teams, and partnerships. It allows us to take risks and amplifies our ability to collaborate. We build trust with one another and with our clients through humility, reliability, collective success, and good humor.

Foster curiosity and growth

We believe in our colleagues and create an environment in which we all grow and thrive. CEA’s approach to learning and development fosters curiosity, risk taking, and the ability to tackle critical challenges. Our focus on the well-being of our colleagues through compassion and connection is central to how we operate and allows us to achieve more together.

Work intentionally

We understand our power as advisors and are aware of the responsibility we hold. We take our role seriously and seek to elevate diverse perspectives and voices and to advocate for solutions with equitable outcomes. We nurture a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace through intentional staffing and are committed to continuous learning and advancements.

Commit to what matters

We work on projects of urgent environmental and societal importance to deliver benefits on the ground and in the water. In service of our clients and the field, we are committed to accelerating innovative and impactful solutions for people and nature.