The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation takes a unique approach to grant-making. It makes grants through large-scale, time-limited initiatives designed to address some of the world’s most challenging and persistent problems. Rockefeller uses a consistent and rigorous process to source, evaluate, and develop prospective initiatives. CEA has served as Rockefeller’s “strategy” partner for two prospective initiatives: Smallscale Fisheries and Freshwater Competition. In this role, CEA works closely with Rockefeller’s staff to stress-test potential innovative solutions and build strong strategies around them so that Rockefeller can launch new initiatives with concrete implementation plans, specific impact targets, and effective partnerships. Typically, the development of new initiatives requires about two years of intensive work. CEA’s role over this time period includes conducting extensive research on the field, traveling to target geographies to assess the potential fit for the intervention strategies, playing a liaison role with NGOs that have received exploratory grants from the foundation, and developing materials that articulate and describe the emerging strategies.


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