Ocean Conservancy

Exploration of new program areas for strategic plan

CEA worked with Ocean Conservancy to conduct assessments of current trends and future developments in the marine environment to plan the organization’s approach to the most challenging ocean issues of the 21st century. Rapid initial assessments of potential program areas were broad in scope and focused especially on ways for the ocean to help tackle climate change. For promising areas, deeper analyses were conducted to provide the core understanding necessary to form the backbone of new program areas. This assessment was completed as part of a strategic plan for the organization, setting its priorities for the next 5 years.

Strategic refresh for the Gulf of Mexico

Ocean Conservancy’s work in the Gulf of Mexico reached a turning point in 2016. With the $20 billion dollar BP settlement finalized in that year, focus turned from big-picture advocacy for restoration, which had been the centerpiece of Ocean Conservancy’s work in the Gulf, to funding and implementation of restoration projects. Ocean Conservancy turned to CEA to help them refresh their strategic priorities in the Gulf for the next 3 to 5 years. CEA served as Ocean Conservancy’s thought partner through the process, conducting research, interviewing experts in the Gulf, and assessing the funding landscape to develop a set of strategic options that were aligned with Ocean Conservancy’s mission and organizational skills. Ocean Conservancy’s Gulf team will seek approval from the board for its updated strategic priorities in the summer of 2017.