Natural Resources Defense Council

Sustainable food and agriculture program

Historically, NRDC has had many programmatic efforts focused on sustainable food and agriculture, but they have been distributed across the organization, under the auspices of the Water, Climate, Health, and Sustainable Communities Programs. CEA worked with key staff members at NRDC to develop a strategy for coordinated work on food and agriculture, housed under a single program. Today, NRDC has a dedicated Food and Agriculture Program which is implementing a number of the strategic initiatives that CEA scoped.

International opportunity identification, marine team

CEA worked with NRDC’s marine team to vet whether there are promising opportunities, and what role NRDC would be best suited to play, in three international geographies. Based on in depth interviews with experts and our understanding of NRDC’s strengths and weaknesses, CEA ultimately prioritized those options and worked with NRDC to develop an initial implementation plan.