MESA Standards Alliance

The Modular Energy Storage Architecture (MESA) Standards Alliance is a consortium of electric utilities and technology suppliers developing communication standards for the energy storage industry. In 2014, 10 founding utilities and technology companies engaged CEA Consulting to set up the trade association, staff the organization, and pursue funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC).

CEA launched MESA and worked with the founding members to develop bylaws, an intellectual property policy, and membership agreements. CEA also provided ongoing member services, conducted outreach to industry stakeholders, recruited new members, identified and engaged contract technical consultants, and managed the Board of Directors.

Under CEA’s direction, the MESA Standards Alliance received funding from the CEC, grew from 10 founding members to 30 members, and developed multiple standards for utility control of energy storage resources. The MESA Standards Alliance has propelled a broad industry effort to coordinate distributed energy communications efforts and enable the smart grid of the future.

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