Global Cool Cities Alliance

Global Cool Cities Alliance (GCCA) is a nonprofit organization launched in 2010 to accelerate a worldwide transition to cooler, healthier cities.

Nonprofit Incubation
GCCA began as a project supported by the Energy Foundation. Initially, CEA conducted a scoping of cool roofs as a viable global cooling mechanism, and recommended how best to support their adoption.

The project attracted interest from a group of funders and advisors, which enabled CEA to write a business plan for a new nonprofit organization, GCCA. The nonprofit would be dedicated to advocating for cool roofs and designing policies and programs that accelerate their use. CEA incubated the organization, serving as interim staff until the organization could secure sufficient funding to hire a full-time Executive Director.

CEA continues to serve as part-time staff of GCCA, primarily focusing on the organization’s building code program.

Hiring of Founding Executive Director
CEA Recruiting conducted the search and hire of GCCA’s founding Executive Director.


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