Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, LLC

Marketing and Outreach Strategy for a Wyoming Wind Developer
Pathfinder Wind, LLC, the developer of a 2,000+ MW wind project in Wyoming, approached CEA in 2012 to assist in outreach to California utilities, policymakers, regulators, and environmentalists. As a large-scale, out-of-state renewable energy developer, Pathfinder’s proposal faced early resistance from California decisionmakers, despite the project’s low cost and low environmental impact.

For the past three years, CEA has worked with Pathfinder and its transmission partner, Duke-American Transmission Company, to develop and execute the project’s communications strategy in California. Leading a team of legal, communications, and technical representatives, CEA has leveraged its network of state and local government officials and environmental advocates to conduct steady outreach and representation on behalf of the project. CEA has also provided strategic guidance to the project team on how to combat resistance to the project, respond to a changing political environment, and make a compelling case for Pathfinder’s wind and storage components.

In late 2014, the Pathfinder team connected with Burbank Water and Power, who introduced an opportunity to incorporate a large-scale energy storage project into Pathfinder’s regional renewable energy vision. Today, Pathfinder’s proposal is under review as a part of an option for replacing the coal-fired Intermountain Power Project, and California’s energy agencies are increasingly recognizing the benefits of Western regional renewable development and the importance of large-scale storage to achieve the state’s renewable energy and carbon reduction goals. These advances represent a major leap forward from the project’s early reception in the state.


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