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  • The Kresge Foundation

    Climate Resilient & Equitable Water Systems Capital Scan

    In partnership with Mission Point Partners, CEA assessed opportunities to invest philanthropic and impact capital toward solutions to address climate-related impacts on water systems, enhance climate resilience, and provide safe, healthy, affordable water for all people.

  • Climate and Land Use Alliance

    Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation, Agriculture Production, and Social Inclusion in the Cerrado Biome

    In 2015/2016, on behalf of the Climate and Land Use Alliance, CEA developed this assessment on the Cerrado Biome. The work was conducted in partnership with a Brazilian project manager and with guidance and input from several Brazilian civil society organizations and researchers. CEA also developed a set of strategic recommendations based on our research, designed to contribute to the development of CLUA’s emerging Cerrado strategy.

  • CLIMA Fund

    Soil to Sky: Climate Solutions that Work

    This report aggregates research on the use of grassroots solutions in addressing climate change. It was prepared by CEA Consulting on behalf of the CLIMA Fund (Climate Leaders in Movement Action). It is the first known attempt to quantify the contributions of grassroots solutions to climate change.