Since 1984, California Environmental Associates has helped transform markets, business practices, public policies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic strategies to achieve positive outcomes for the environment. more

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CEA is a San Francisco Green Business. We are recognized by the City of San Francisco for meeting high environmental standards.

CEA works with a wide range of businesses, foundations, public institutions, and conservation groups to create economic incentives and innovative programs that deliver environmental returns. more
  • Recently Launched
  • MESA Standards Alliance - A consortium of electric utilities and technology suppliers focused on the development of open, non-proprietary standards for energy storage. Visit for more information.
  • Recently Released
  • California Environmental Associates and Climate Focus present their report published in April 2014, Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change in Agriculture: Recommendations for Philanthropy, commissioned by the Climate and Land Use Alliance. Read More.
  • Charting a Course to Sustainable Fisheries Report released
  • Fish stocks across the world are declining faster than feared, with the smallest fisheries faring worst, a comprehensive study shows – but there is still time to turn the situation around. To download the full report and appendices, please visit the report's official website.