Our People

Sarrynna Sou



Sarrynna (she/her) is an Associate supporting the Philanthropic Services practice. Her experiences include working with clients on climate resilience, decarbonization, and sustainability strategies. Through her past projects, Sarrynna has built a strong foundation in research, policy analysis, and project management. Before joining CEA, she worked for a nonprofit as a statistician. She managed and analyzed data across various international projects, deepening her quantitative skill sets. Previous clients have included regulatory agencies such as Washington’s Department of Ecology and Puget Sound Partnership. Sarrynna is a recent graduate of the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, where she earned a Master of Public Administration in Environmental Policy. She received her BA in political science from American University.

A few of Sarrynna’s favorite things are going on morning strolls with her puppy and having her mom’s homemade pho.